Makeup for FGUK exclusive. Nobody, somebody. 
In an Exclusive art series titled “Nobody, Somebody“ by photographer Paul Shiakallis for FGUK Magazine. Shiakallis alongside muses Thuli Ngcobo, Gontse and Kevin look deeper at the blurring line between us IRL and our social media selves. Expressed through social media and its parallel to theatre, where one is expected to perform whilst under the audience’s scrutiny. Likes and follower count has become the driving force behind all social media platforms, it’s just not enough to create for oneself, instead we create to increase our numbers. Recognition for our skills is not enough either, we desire relevance, longevity, fame.

Nobody, Somebody
“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes” Andy Warhol (1968) 
In the superficial world of social media, a new celebrity is praised every hour. Recognition is an innate human desire, but where does recognition end and the desire for fame begin? Our craving for fame has increased exponentially in recent years; if a nobody can be somebody overnight, why can’t I be next? Our imperfections are scrutinised; we yield to vulnerability, depression and social anxiety. We curate our profiles to please the numbers.
The audience beckons a performance. Unsteady ankles carry a dark figure out from the wings; the floor cringes at every step. A smear of paint, the curated wardrobe, the infant is concealed. A blinding light prompts the pseudo-self. The god-like poise, the unwavering smile, the outstretched hand, the power of the guise commands the assembly.