Rates and T&C's are subject to change. A PDF of updated details will be mailed to you on your booking
Category 1 Rates

Personal/Test/Private/Student/Head Shots (Max 5 people)
Half Day @ R900
Full Day @ R1400

Category 2 Rates

Brand/Editorial/PR/Promo/Product/Musician/Workshops (Max 10 people)
Half Day @ R1700
Full Day @ R2400

Weekend Rate + 15%

Overtime + R400 per hour

Clean White Paint
This is optional to client at R400 for a new coat of paint on the curve. 
If the client does not request this, then it will just be mopped.

Additional People
If any person (crew, client, family, friend) enters the studio above the max amount, 
client will be charged R100 per head.

Equipment Hire
Godox Package

Single Head Package @ R600
Double Head Package @ R800
Triple Head Package @ R1000

Package includes

1 x 140cm Octabox + Grid
1 x 90cm Octabox + Grid
Radio Transmitter

(Enquire for Individual prices)

Terms and Conditions​​​​​​​

Types of Shoots

Category 1 - R900/R1400
Test Shoots
Headshots for Individuals: Celebrity; Influencer; Musician; Model; Corporate Portrait
Family portraits: Maternity, Birthday etc.
Student Portfolio

Category 2 - R1700/R2400
Magazine; Publications
Headshots for companies; Corporate Groups; Model Agencies
Music Labels/Management/Production Companies/Music Bands
Advertising Agencies; Design Agencies; Publicists
Promotion of a commercial product

Only Immediate EFT or Cash Payments are accepted before start of shoot.

Shoot Times
Half Day = 4 Hours; Full Day = 8 Hours; + 1 hour setup time.
The studio will only be opened at the confirmed crew arrival time.
Shoots that run longer will be charged at R400 per hour overtime.

A pencil booking is a temporary booking before it is confirmed.
Client is to respond to the booking form (in writing) in order to be considered the priority client for the day.
A pencil booking is only accepted between office hours on weekdays (8am - 6pm).
A confirmed booking is when client pays the full invoice before the shoot.
Client to send through Proof of Payment to westcliffstudio@gmail.com
Half Day shoots must start any time before 1pm and Full Days on or before 9am.
Clients may not change their confirmed arrival time on the day of the shoot; if they are late, this will count against their studio time.
Clients may not stay at studio longer than 6pm, unless arranged prior or if running overtime.

Double Bookings
If a client wants to pencil a date that is already pencilled by another client, the 1st client will have to pay a 50% deposit within 24 Hours. If they do not settle in time then the booking will be open to the 2nd client to deposit.
If there is an enquiry within 24 hours of shoot date, the 1st client will have to make an immediate payment to secure their booking.
If there is an enquiry more than 7 days in advance, the first client will have to make payment within 3 days.

A  cleaning and admin fee will be charged if client has paid and cancels within 24 hours of confirmed shoot start.

If client has paid and postpones the shoot within 24 hours of confirmed shoot start, a postponement date must be set within 14 days, otherwise payment will not be refunded. The postponement date may not be postponed further.

Painting of Curve
An additional Paint fee of R400 is optional to client. If client does not request curve to be painted, it will just be mopped.

Studio Capacity
The Studio can only accommodate a set amount of people due to resource restrictions. Any person entering the studio above the max amount will be charged at R100 per head. The studio capacity varies per shoot type, max amount refers to crew, client, models, friends and family in the studio throughout the day.

Load Shedding
If the generator is faulty on the day, client will be given an alternative day within 7 days to reshoot.
Clients agree to plug in their appliances at their own risk and cannot hold the studio liable for any malfunctions.

Queries and Assistance
Please direct all queries to Paul 
078 057 0754

Terms and Conditions are accepted by client once Invoice has been paid.